Thursday, March 12, 2009

Name: Omar Ali AL AntAli
I.D: H00058955
Section: CTB

Let's introduce myself in general. Actually I came from a simple family which has two sisters and five brothers and I am the fourth. My father worked as a normal employer in Ministry of Education but, he has retired and my mother works as a housewife. I was born in sharjah but I lived in Abu Dhabi since ten years ago with my family in a big villa. I got married when I was 22 year old and I have one boy and one girl. Now I am 27 years old and I am studying at ADMC.

I had an exciting childhood which had a lot of interesting stories. I was quite boy but sometimes naughty. I followed my younger brother. I remember once when I was 13 years old my uncle took us to his farm to teach us how to ride the horse. While we trained my brother hit the house strong on it back and it started to run very fast to the gate then it jumped over the door and kept running forward to the street. I was happy but the problem was I didn’t know how to stop it. After 10 minute I started to be nervous because I wanted to stop the horse so I started to call somebody to help but no one was there. Then I decided to stop it. I pull the rope which made the horse stopped immediately and l felt of. 15 minutes later my uncle came I caught the horse and took it back to the farm.

I have traveled to many countries such as Europe, South Asia and Arabic countries but, my favorite trip was in 1999 when my family decided to go to Malaysia for 10 days. Early in the morning we went to Abu Dhabi airport and arrived there at 12 o'clock. Then we went directly to the hotel and rested there because we were tired. The first tree days we stayed in Kwalalampoor where we did a lot of shopping, visited the Twins Tower, passed China Town and walked around the city which has attractive building. Next tree days we took plane and went to the island which was called Bings where we visited the zoo, went to the beach, went swimming and saw a lot of animals specially monkeys. After that we took a plane again and flew to island which was called Gentige where we met my friend Ahmed there and had many parties and fun. The last 2 days we went to place called Lancawy which has beautiful view. Finally, we came to our country and I felt happy and excited.

When I was young I used to play football with my friend every day. I developed more and more until it became my favorite sport. Everyday in my free time I love to play football with me friend for 1 hour at the club. I always encourage my friend to play football because I think playing football is good for heath and brain and nowadays football has become the most popular sport in the world. Unfortunately because of my work I stopped play football swatch my hobby from playing football to watching it. Now I always like to watch football matches in my free time and sometimes I like reading specially history books. On the weekend I always take my family to the desert and camping there.

After I graduated from school and I got work I planned to do something new in my life because I was bored from my daily routine so I planned to get married. In the beginning I was embarrassed and shy to tell my father but I told my father and he agreed immediately. After that they looked for me a nice girl and we got engaged. At that time I felt some thing change in my life. I really became mature and confidant. I leaned many things in this life.

I hope in the future I will graduate from ADMC with good grade and continue my MS in Chemical engineering. I plan to go back to my work and work as a manager because I have dream since long time about it. I might open my own business in Sharjah and control it by myself. I hope my children will be educated well and get what they need in their life.

Sunday, June 1, 2008


At the end this project I was discuss about an important issue over the world. First I write about global warming which teach me much serious information. More over l get knowledge about how to reduce this problem by change my life style. Second I read about carbon foot print and calculate my carbon foot print. Before I joined the HCT I did not know about it but now I under stand very will .Cool city is an ideal and model city of technology and knowledge gathered from the SDCG expertise. This is a great plan to prove that technology can be used in solving problems, and maybe in the near future we will find a way to stop global warming .Masdaer is another issue give me an interesting this because this project is in my country. My country is also participating with the entire world to reduce the global worming.

about this project

Global warming is one of the well know name globally in the last century. Co2 gas is the base for this process and the reason for that is human life style. In order to protect out environment people and government as well started to take action gains this problem. More over research are been carried out every where
to find alternative to reduce CO2 emissions. In this project I am going to write about the global worming, and illustrate the solution, actions taken and latest technology to solve the global warming issue.

Solar powered plant farms

Solar powered plant farms: These plant farms are joined to solar powered machines which are used to give the plants with energy. They are also protected by Jatropha forest to prevent sand broken up towards the plant farms.

Hybrid cars

Hybrid cars, solar ships: Hybrid cars and solar ships uses rechargeable energy storage system, this is a really useful change to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions. The performance of those vehicles will make the cool city a much more environmental-friendly place

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Masdar is future city that use renewable power technologies starting by solar power. Abu Dhabi government invested multi billion dollars to run this city by 2016. The goal of this project is to safe the consumption of electrical energy, oil and make heath environment for residents. Abu Dhabi government aims to carry out research and introduce it to the world through the new University in Masdar. Reducing the CO2 footprint is the main concern of Abu Dhabi government in order to lead future cities globally. More over this city will proved a lot of job opportunities and support the economy.

Sunday, May 18, 2008


This movie was represented by Al Gore who was the vice president of the US. Moreover, Al Gore tries to encourage the people and inform them that earth is in bad condition by the dramatically increase of green gases. However, Al Gore talks about the human activities and its effect on the earth. Al Gore also clime that there are negative changes in every single day in many places around the world and that changed the global weather and increased the temperature rapidly in the last two decades. Increase in temperature may let the ice melt and increase sea level. Many disasters will appear like flooding and earth quack which will destroyed small countries. Yet, he exhorts the people and government to change their way in dealing with the events in the world like stop the wars, and look for new power source in order to reduce the CO2 gases. Finally, Al Gore hopes that every one should participate to solve the global problem and remember that we are not living alone on the earth.

In my opinion this film has many facts that every one of us should take action to solve this problem. Unfortunately we can’t solve this phenomenon but at least we have to do best to reduce it. I strongly agree with Al GORE outlook because we need to life safe for ever.

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